What Is The Aurora Cycle?

The Aurora Cycle is a series of three stories about magic and adventure. This webcomic is the third story.

It is not necessary to read the previous two novels to follow the plot of this webcomic.

The first two stories are presented below as published novels. They are set in the same universe, with some overlapping characters and plotlines. They serve to add depth and detail to the world illustrated in the webcomic.

The First Movement : The String Quartet


Loss can be tough to handle, but a young girl named Dawn Arterberry has made a fresh start. She has a new school and a new cello to match. That is, mostly new… With her four new friends, Dawn tries to solve the mystery that has taken over her life. What is the Rheingold? Who is the Charmed Duke? And what does the grandfather she never knew have to do with any of it? Inspired by a tradition of myth and story more than a millennia old, The String Quartet takes readers on a journey through the cycle of the Rhein. From the forests of New England to a new world both fantastic and frightening, this story tells of an adventure appropriate for readers of all ages.

The String Quartet is Available Now on Amazon.com in Ebook and Paperback


The Second Movement : The Scent of Evergreen


Don’t worry, everything is going to be all right. At least, that’s what Dawn Arterberry keeps telling herself. Back at school, and settling into her new life, Dawn is ready to put all the adventure behind her. But as much as she tries to bury it, her magical past has a way of catching up to her. Rumors fly about strangers in the forest and an otherworldly rift that crackles on the lake. Does Dawn have the courage to deal with the brewing crisis, or will she ignore it completely? In the second movement of The Aurora Cycle, we watch as a world of magic clashes head-on with reality. Join Dawn and her friends for another journey appropriate for readers YA and above.

The Scent of Evergreen is Available Now on Amazon.com in Ebook and Paperback


The Third Movement : The Flowers of the Taiga


One hundred years have passed, and the world has forgotten about magic… Or maybe it hasn’t? In this new world, Gwen Peony thinks she have discovered a magic all her own, but unknown to her the gaze of a cloaked villain is turning in her direction. Who else knows about magic? What happened to them? And why won’t anyone give Gwen a straight answer! All will be revealed as Gwen fights for her friends, and her very way of life. So join new friends and old in this fully illustrated climactic conclusion of the The Aurora Cycle, a story appropriate for readers YA and above.

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Who Is The Aurora Cycle?


Dan Hupalo is totally just winging it. Okay, no, that’s a lie, I’m a try-hard. Artistically I was raised by wolves. Professionally, I research esoteric topics. In general, I’ve made a habit of reaching, usually finding that I exceed my grasp.

The story started with a simple idea : to make one small change to the mechanics of the universe, and then follow the thread as the change reverberated through society. This idea is told through the lens of an MG/YA urban fantasy story, mostly because I liked those kind of books growing up.

One of the goals of this comic is to take the depth of story found in novels and bring it to the webcomic genre. That means a pre-planned plot, and as swift a pace as I can manage. It is experimental, there will be hiccups along the way. I believe in learning by doing, so this comic is an effort to do so.